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I CAN'T BE MORE EMPHATIC...........IF YOU BUY FROM D R HORTON YOU WILL LIKELY BE DEFRAUDED.  D R Horton is a RICO operating company.  The FBI and various state agencies have begun investigations into 14 US banking corporations and developers, DHI included.  http://edition.cnn.com/2008/US/01/29/fbi.mortgage.fraud/  A major investment group, CtW has even demanded accountability.  http://www.donaldtomnitzisacrook.info/Demand_on_Board.html  The very short list of federal crimes already discovered and officially documented are predatory lending, antitrust, tampering with a federal informant, mail fraud and tax evasion.  Official documents of these crimes displayed at the below menu sites.

On January 30, 2008, it was demanded that CEO Tomnitz and Chairman Horton step down at the January 31, 2008 shareholder meeting.  Each of these criminals had personally signed waivers for formal service of process as defendants in a federal mortgage fraud case which detailed their nationwide fraud, 07-2625 JL.  http://donaldtomnitzisacrook.info/Demand_on_Board.html  Since this official federal notice, dozens/hundreds of additional predatory loans have been issued to DHI consumer-victims who have contacted me from Nevada, Illinois, Oklahoma, Virginia and California.  Additional information, even including arson, has been compiled and will be posted here shortly after an unsuccessful regime change.

Class actions are now being formed nationwide in the areas of mortgage fraud/predatory lending, construction defect/lack of warranty, and SEC derivative suits.  Contact missudpat@yahoo.com to be added to the database.

There is a standing $5000 reward for additional insider information leading to the criminal conviction of D R Horton officers and executives.  Contact me at missudpat@yahoo.com -your anonymity will be absolutely maintained.

‘THE MENU' of 14 below listed web sites, descriptions and hyperlinks are for real and not exaggerated. Everything is supported with scanned documentation and/or embedded links. The combined web content exceeds 300 pages and 250 scanned documents and will exceed 500/300 respectively with new information yet to be uploaded:



If I were to download all of the dissatisfaction to this web site, it would crash. There may not be enough memory on the web to list it all. For at least an additional 40 pages of postings please visit the following:







http://www.donaldhortonisacrook.com, conspiracy to defraud extending to upper management throughout the regions of Nevada and Northern California, D R Horton’s once “hottest market” (A dozen scans)http://www.donaldhortonisacrook.info, various RICO activities in regions of the US including Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Florida (A dozen scans)http://www.drhortonfraud.com, D R Horton correspondence with and corruption of a Nevada official (50 scanned official documents) http://www.drhortonconfidential.com, perjury by three legal teams in attempted cover up of predatory lending (50 scanned official documents) http://www.drhortoncouldhavekilledme.com, eight documented instances of intimidation and threats to a federal informant (50 scanned official documents)http://www.drhortonsucks.info, 4-500 consumer testimonials regarding mortgage fraud, defects and warranty misrepresentations as recently as October 2007 (100’s of consumer emails, over 100 updates not yet uploaded) http://www.donaldtomnitzisacrook.com, massive tax evasion in Pennsylvania, and coercion of the whistle blowers (A dozen scans) http://www.donaldtomnitzisacrook.info, repeated notice over the course of years to D R Horton’s Board of Directors that fraud has been rampant at the company for years (A dozen scans, over three dozen certified mail labels)http://www.drhortonhomelemon.com, predatory lending, construction defects, warranty misrepresentation and coercion of a Texas senior. (Still under development dozens of intended scans) http://www.drhortonhomelemon.info, quality and warranty misrepresentations and double talk (Half dozen scans)http://www.drhortonhomeofhorrors.com, D R Horton’s profits driven practice of locating developments near carcinogenic EMF and chemicals thereby risking consumers’ health (half dozen scans)http://www.drhortonhomeofhorrors.info, coercion of seniors and other vocal critics by using the courts and law enforcement to threaten financial ruin and intimidate (half dozen scans)http://www.drhortonhomesstink.com, D R Horton practice of shafting its own employees, who then turn and become inside informants (no scans for anonymity, however their verified information is posted elsewhere)http://www.drhortonhomesstink.info, land misrepresentations and major construction defects nationwide (Still under development dozens of intended scans)

The very short list of recently filed cases across the nation is as follows:

Nevada State Court Case 05-A-503121-C, Fraud and deceptive business practices; California State Case RIC369796, Fraud and deceptive business practices; California Federal Case 07-2625 SBA, Fraud and deceptive business practices, USC Title 18 retaliation; Florida Federal Court Case 07-cv-61030-WJZ, Fraud, Truth in Lending violation; Georgia, Federal Court Case 07-cv-00081-bae-grs, RESPA violation; Virginia, Federal Court Case 07-cv-00770-JCC, Truth in Lending violation;.............

CtW INVESTMENT GROUP CALLS ON D R HORTON TO ADDRESS COMPLIANCE FAILURES: Institutional investor CtW, with $1.4T in securities has demanded that the Board at D R Horton adhere to Federal Law and nominate an independent Board to manage their currently in house predatory mortgage lending arm, DHI Mortgage. http://www.ctwinvestmentgroup.com/fileadmin/group_files/CtW_Inv_Grp_to_DR_Horton_Board.pdf Webmaster note: Based on this and dozens of other sites on the web, the investment community is realizing that the cat is out of the bag. We are now in a free for all for shareholder derivative suits and putative class actions which even name individuals from the Board of Directors as defendants.

Regarding Predatory Lending: D R Horton has admitted to a 96% captive capture rate of writing mortgages for its home building operations where 70% is already considered an antitrust violation.  In the Southern District of Georgia, Federal Case # CV 407 081 Horton has violated RESPA by tying its mortgage lending operations to home sales.  In Nevada, case # 05 A 503121C on August 31, 2007, the jury in Steven Betsinger v. D R Horton Inc, DHI Mortgage, Daniel Callahan, Jeff Ward and Debra Martinez returned verdicts finding that all entities had committed deceptive trade practices. The jury further found that DHI Mortgage and Daniel Callahan had committed fraud.  In the Northern District of California, a similar Federal Case #07 2625 SBA naming Callihan, DHI and D R Horton has also alleged the same deceptive trade practices and bait and switch tactics regarding DHI mortgage services.  The 200 consumer declarations within are gathered from at least 13 states across the country and recount the same bait and switch tactics as above.

Where land misrepresentations are concerned, In South Carolina, state case # 06 CP 071658, residents of a D R Horton community have been silenced by the court becuase they protested that they had paid premiums for a golf course which was guaranteed to remain in operation until 2010 by D R Horton.  After purchase, the golf course was essentially rezoned and the construction of 250 homes was begun.  In an internal email by D R Horton, a local election is rigged to elect an official who supports 'development.'  In Riverside California, case # 369796 residents had not been told that the adjoining open hills would be developed within months of their purchase and that other adjoining land was used for military/industrial purposes, storing among the top chemical carcinogens, and incompatible with residential housing.  In Nevada, the Sunridge Heights and Manor communities were guaranteed by D R Horton that the 'wash' behind their homes would not be developed.  Owners paid about $100,000 lot premiums based on the misrepresentations.  The land was subsequently rezoned, and hundreds of additional units are under construction.  Contact Congressman JonPortermail@mail.house.gov , He has been apprised of this fraud for over two years now. In neighboring Monterey Heights and Manor the residents were promised restricted use of their quiet private streets by D R Horton which then subsequently used them to service the next larger neighboring communities.

Where Federal Title 18, threatening and tampering with informants are concerned, a retirement community in Pennsylvania has been threatened into near silence by D R Horton after their discovery of the corporation's tax fraud.  Their story is recounted at 5thestate.com.  In Texas, vocal retirees Fogal and Corrente have been threatened into near silence for recounting their stories which are available by searching their names at www.HOBB.org.  These two along with the HOBB President Janet Ahmad have uncovered political corruption in their state whereby the TRCC, a regulatory commission meant to protect consumers from fraudulent builders, has had seats appointed to builder friendly officials with direct ties to the builders by the governor who received $3/4M in campaign financing.  In Florida, an investigator for the state's labor board was targeted in a murder conspiracy when he started gathering too much information regarding a Federal probe into tax evasion by the corporation's substantial undocumented work force.  http://jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/021704/met_14837472.shtml  In California the author of this site has experienced 8 distinct and proven retaliatory actions by D R Horton, the last involving an explosive, the site linked below.

Attention Attorneys General:  If you need inside information I have contacts for over a dozen defectors.  They have the inside on how D R Horton deceptively does business ACROSS THE COUNTRY -RICO STYLE- and has to make a mimimum profit in its mortgage lending division by manipulating locked interest rates, inflating closing costs, not crediting incentives and discounts and the like...... Even more insiders regarding corner and cost cutting in construction whereby homes prematurely fail and safety is compromised all to satisfy D R Horton's bottom line and shareholder expectations.

THE 400 D R HORTON CONSUMER TESTIMONIALS CONTAINED WITHIN ARE FOR REAL.... 100 MORE HAVE BEEN GATHERED BUT NOT YET UPLOADED.  CONTACTS CAN BE FURNISHED. THE VOLUMES OF INFORMATION ARE DAUNTING SO READ THE BOLD HIGHLIGHTS. The reason that I have not been sued is that D R Horton is avoiding the courts and not wanting these 200 pages of information to be further revealed.  Horton has however taken other actions.....

When you search for 'd r horton,' on the first two pages you will find sources such as consumeraffairs, topix, citydata...which corroborate this site.  Link to those and then to further third party links such as HOBB, HADD etc. for even more independent information.  All these sources will recount stories of depleted savings, college funds, 401k's; sleeplessness, stress and anxiety; toxic mold and electrical fires; ruined careers and families; bankruptcy and financial distress.....   Within another interlinked site, the list of responsible D R Horton criminals complete with their very own damning internal emails  are displayed at www.drhortoncouldhavekilledme.com . Business Week has printed four articles in its early August '07 issues corroborating the within testimonials.  Find those links below.  Current and ongoing mortgage melt down frauds are listed on the next 'page,' under the predatory lending tab.

RACKETEERING: An organized conspiracy to commit or attempt the crime of coercion.  COERCION: Compelling by threat. RICO: 1.That the defendant, 2.through the commission of two or more acts, 3.constituting a pattern, 4.of 'racketeering' activity, 5.directly participates in, 6.an 'enterprise,' 7.the activities of which affect interstate commerce.  KEEP THIS DEFINITION IN MIND AS YOU READ THE WITHIN....400!!!.... VERY SIMILAR CONSUMER TESTIMONIALS -THIS IS NO JOKE.

Attention shareholders: RESPONSE TO THIS SITE HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE.  THE MOST CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATES PUTS THE VALUE OF PREVENTED FRAUDULENT NET SALES PROFITS AT $3 MILLION PER WEEK ($150M/Yr)......CONGRATULATIONS CONSUMERS!  This site will remain in operation until all board room originated criminal activities cease and consumers are meaningfully protected.

DHI has been trading in a sideways pattern for the past three months. The stock is falling today after Jim Cramer put out a fairly negative quote on the company's future. Cramer stated that based on what he saw in the company's balance sheet that he was seriously questioning whether or not the company would be able to "make it". Technical indicators for DHI are bearish and steady, while S&P gives the stock a negative 2 STARS (out of 5) sell rating.

Homebuilder 101
Homebuilders? Yeah, that's right, it's been a while since you've thought about these guys since the hedge funds and banks have taken over the headlines. But the homebuilders are still out there limping along, trying to find a bottom in this housing market mess. In his post,
floridabuilder shares his thoughts about what cash flow means to the major homebuilders. Though he thinks that KB Home and NVR may be on solid footing, he thinks that some of the major homebuilders like Pulte Homes and DR Horton (NYSE: DHI) could end up looking at serious liquidity issues.

Its sad but true, the crimes committed by "America's Builder" haven't been seen since ENRON.  D R Horton's  own documents make the case, some of which are posted here and the rest at the interlinked web sites below.  Fraud, Mail Fraud, Grand Larceny, Predatory Lending, Antitrust and even Coercion by the nation's largest builder D R Horton and wholly owned affiliate DHI Mortgage!  Within these pages you will find 400 consumer testimonials regarding "America's Swindler." As of August 16, 2007, consumer updates take a back seat to organization of class actions.  Verification of the testimonials by 4 business week articles include the following:

D.R. Horton sued for lending practices, By Matt Slagle


D.R. Horton Inc., one of the nation's largest homebuilders, is being sued by a one-time customer who says he was forced to use the company's affiliated mortgage service to buy his home, according to a regulatory filing. The lawsuit charges the homebuilder with violating the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The June 2007 complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Georgia, [and May 2007 complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California], says the homebuilder required that home buyers use Horton's affiliated mortgage company in order to get discounts and incentives……yada, yada, yada………click the above link for the complete story, or read the hundreds of testimonials at this site- your choice, same information.

DRHortonsucks.info is one of five interlinked sites designed to provide a central clearinghouse of information which is available to and monitored by law enforcement such as the Federal DOJ, FBI, SEC, FTC and HUD; 27 State Attorneys General and their respective enforcement agencies such as divisions of banking, antitrust, lending and consumer protections; the 535 members in both houses of Congress; Wall Street sector analysts and institutional investment firms with significant capital investment in D R Horton stock; Private and class action attorneys filing suits on behalf of defrauded consumers; Syndicated national print and broadcast media.

As before, if the following pages crash from too much data input, additional but less updated information can be viewed at drhortonconfidential.com. At 'confidential' you will also find the list of POLITICIANS WHO have absolute knowledge of the frauds but have opted to DO NOTHING which has instead required private citizens to protect American immigrants, retirees and the underprivileged -who by the way and coincidentally, haven't enough expendable income to donate to election or re-election campaigns.  As of August 31, 2007, our President has finally acknowledged the predatory lending rampant across the nation which has been perfected with near scientific precision by D R Horton.

Receipt of notification of the fraud by many of the above entities is absolutely verified by certified U.S. government mail and can be viewed at www.drhortonconfidential.com  For that matter, receipt of THREE certified demands on the Board of directors and including Donald Horton and Donald Tomnitz to enforce D R Horton's rights and to prevent further nationwide fraud is also verified by USPS records and the dozens of carbon copies sent to the media, wall street and federal law enforcement.  View these documents at www.drhortonfraud.com 

Please send your comments to my email account at missudpat@yahoo.com to add to the over 500 consumers already found to inform and warn future D R Horton consumers.  Also, the automatic posting capability at this site is still under development. Please post your blog at an affiliate's site and browse while there:www.NewHomeBuildersNewsBlog.com

Please keep your comments to truthful recounts of your experiences. YOU ARE PROTECTED by the following Federal Laws:

Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1512, Tampering with an informant, sub part c: “Whoever intentionally harasses another person and thereby hinders, prevents, or dissuades any person from (2) reporting to a law enforcement officer or judge of the United States, the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense…or attempts to do so, shall be fined not more than $25,000.00 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1513, Retaliating against an informant, sub part e: “Whoever knowingly, with the intent to retaliate, takes any action harmful to any person, for providing to a law enforcement officer any truthful information relating to the commission or possible commission of any Federal offense, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.”Please feel free to inform your Federal government, Representatives and Senators of any “D R Horton” financial transgressions and schemes that you may have been a victim of.

An example of D R Horton Compassion:

Family has not heard from D. R. Horton: "Jackie Mull, Sarah Anne Walker's younger sister, said Tuesday that it's been more than a week since her sister was stabbed to death in a D. R. Horton (DHI) model home in McKinney. She said no one from D.R. Horton, Sarah's employer, has tried to contact or return any phone calls to her immediate family. 'They have not offered any condolences to any of [Sarah's] family members,' Mull said. 'They have not called her father, they have not called her mother, they have not called her brother and they have not called me.' …..The Mulls were making funeral arrangements at the time and wanted to know if they would be releasing her commissions since they had to pay the funeral expenses with a credit card. She said the company told her they would not be paying those commissions. 'They told us Sarah was no longer an employee of D.R. Horton, and we are not paying any commissions at this time,'……Smith said she feels D.R. Horton could have done more. 'They should have paid for it (the funeral) and be darn glad to do that.’ 'I feel like they should have stepped up immediately covering costs and do what they can for the family...This is a multimillion dollar corporation. What's a $7,000-$8,000 funeral going to cost?'"... [The answer is: Its not about decency, at Horton its about the bottom line.] http://newhomebuildersnewsblog.com/

Additional exposees in Business Week articles:

The named defendants, Donald Tomnitz and Donald Horton have opted not to answer substantive questions regarding the myriad frauds, but have instead instituted self serving procedural delays and judicial abuse. Their actions have guaranteed that this site prominently remains in operation to prevent future consumer fraud, which in turn severely injures the D R Horton Corporation. All D R Horton Board members are still currently in August being notified by fax of recent ongoing predatory lending schemes receieved from consumers visiting this site. The frauds are detailed and will be updated at this site on the next page under 'predatory lending,' and are the first recounted stories. IF YOU ARE A VICTIM, CONTACT ME AND YOUR STATE'S ATTORNEY GENERAL.

Why can't I been sued for libel/defamation?  -Because the truth hurts:

Section 45a of the California Civil Code provides protection for a privileged publication or broadcast made in any: (b) (2) judicial proceeding; (d) (1) By a fair and true report in, or a communication to, a public journal, of a judicial proceeding; (e) (2) By a fair and true report if the publication of the matter complained of was for the public benefit.

Because of the value of public comment on newsworthy events, the First Amendment requires that in order to establish defamation, 'defamed' individuals must prove that the statements were false and were published with actual malice. Actual malice generally refers to statements made with knowledge of their falsity or in reckless disregard for whether they were false or not.


Please visit the links below for further details.   This 5th of five web sites is still under development. Email me and send your comments and grievances for posting. Anonymity will be observed. If the link fails paste missudpat@yahoo.com in your mail server window.